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Brenda Christian Cosmetics, a professional quality line of makeup products that offer women unparalleled solutions to their makeup needs.

Skin Care Specialists of Southpoint

Skin Care Specialists of Southpoint

Remedies Color Adjusting Foundation

Makeup that “reads” your skin color and adjusts to it, automatically. Skin color can change in different lighting and this chameleon formula changes too. This light weight foundation fills each tiny pore with surface smoothing lecithin, making your skin look flawless.

Skin Care Specialists of Southpoint

Luxury Finishing Powder

Powder that sets your makeup beautifully in one translucent shade. Lines disappear, shadows seem to brighten and it never makes your skin look dry or “cakey”. A finishing touch for your Brenda Christian Remedies Foundation.

Skin Care Specialists of Southpoint

Ultimate Rosacea Eraser

A powder that visually neutralizes redness in a silky, light- reflecting, color-correcting compact. Filled with active ingredients to calm and regulate facial redness caused by rosacea, skin irritations and even broken vessels at the skin’s surface.

Skin Care Specialists of Southpoint

Aqua Firm Blushing Color

See through cellophanes of color give a visual lift with three translucent shades. A concentrated blend of ingredients firm the skin’s surface and smooth the cheek area.

Skin Care Specialists of Southpoint

Universal Brow Definer and Perfect Brow

Unique, two step eyebrow creation system recommended by the American Journal of Esthetic Medicine. The Universal Brow Definer is one color that uses the PH in your skin to adjust to your own natural eyebrow color.

The Perfect Brow holds your eyebrows in place, sets newly applied eyebrow color and will never look shiny or flake. It is highly water resistant to keep your brows looking beautiful even during a workout!

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