How To Make Your Skin Care Regimen EFFECTIVE AND SIMPLE

How to make your skin care regimen EFFECTIVE AND SIMPLE

1.Never dehydrate your skin’s surface. This means while cleansing, sleeping, at work or play. Use cleansers that don’t strip moisture from the skin. EX: ZO FoamaCleanse, Norma Cleanse. Keep the skin moist from the inside out. This is done by penetrating the skin with ingredients that allow the skin to retain its own moisture and keep the skin elastic 24 hours a day.
EX: ZO Daily Power Defense, Ommerse renewal crème, Overnight Recovery crème or Skin Better Science Daily tx cream.

2.Feed the skin nutrients which can be absorbed by the epidermis to replace nutrients lost through environmental changes and aging. EX: ZO C Bright, Bright Alive, Daily Power Defense.

3.Remove dead, dry skin cells every day so that the skin has radiance and a glow, but most importantly, so that nutrients can penetrate the skin. EX: ZO Advanced Radical Night Repair, Brightenex, RetaMax, Tretinoin, Growth factor or Skin better Science Alpha-Ret.

4.Protect the skin from the sun. I do not walk to my mailbox or to my car without my sunscreen. Not even for two minutes a day. This is VERY IMPORTANT! Your sunscreen should be at least an SPF 30, and have UVB, UVA and HEV protection. The best sunscreens have the Seal of the Cancer foundation. EX: All ZO suncreens are recommended by the Skincare Cancer foundation and protect against UVA, UVB and HEV rays.

5.Wear makeup that does not leach moisture out of the skin. Some makeup can cause dehydration and can be very damaging to the skin, even though you are using great skin care products.
EX: Brenda Christian Color Adjusting Foundation, Rosacea eraser and Finishing Powder.

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