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Luxurious Experience

Luxurious feeling formulas packed with gold standard pharmaceutical grade ingredients not only provide measurable results but a sensorial experience that is sumptuous and pampering.

Skin Care Specialists of Southpoint

Skin Smoothing Kit

Skin Care Specialists of Southpoint

A trio of time-defying products that targets lines, wrinkles and collagen.

A multi-mechanism approach that includes state-of-the-art InterFuse™ patented technology, a revolutionary no-needle delivery system, transports skin improving ingredients faster and deeper to where they are most needed. Messenger and neuro-calming peptides, four types of hyaluronic acid and multiple antioxidants target all the signs of aging.

Daily Treatment Cream Eye

Skin Care Specialists of Southpoint

Rejuvenate and smooth the under eye area with the revolutionary Interfuse technology.

A neuro-calming peptide relaxes the appearance of crow’s feet almost immediately. Under eye puffiness and congestion are relieved through a combination of caffeine and a highly specialized yeast derivative.

Daily Treatment Cream Face


Revolutionary Interfuse technology drives a potent blend of peptides to nourish five types of collagen, all critical to skin density.

Protects against sagging of the skin and firms the skin for a more lifted, contoured appearance. Surface lines appear more relaxed and a neuro-calming peptide offers an immediate smoothing effect.

AlphaRet™Overnight Cream Face


Discover the new gold standard in anti-aging efficacy!

Not a retinol. Not a tretinoin. A new proprietary molecular entity that combines a retinoid and lactic acid for a significant reduction in the appearance of depth and size of wrinkles in as little as four weeks, with little to no irritation.*

Intensive Treatment Lines

Skin Care Specialists of Southpoint

The first of its kind no-needle solution to wrinkles.

Intensive Treatment LINES features patented, state-of-the-art InterFuse™technology to drive high molecular weight injectable grade hyaluronic acid faster and deeper to revolumize the appearance of skin. In as little as 4 weeks, deep expression lines soften and recede with twice daily application of Intensive Treatment LINES.


Skin Care Specialists of Southpoint

Lift, soften and smooth the appearance of lines, wrinkles and skin imperfections.

Invisalift 3 minute mask is clinically proven to lift, soften and smooth the appearance of lines, wrinkles and skin imperfections for up to 12 hour.

Alto Defense Serum

Alto Defense Serum is a breakthrough antioxidant serum that achieves 360-degree skin support against environmental stressors in all compartments of the skin, all in a proprietary and uniquely elegant formulation.

Alto Defense Serum was designed to achieve the broadest range of antioxidant protection from oxidative stress. The product features WEL by skinbetter science®, our proprietary technology, deploying a combination of 19 powerful antioxidant ingredients designed to work together to provide a new level of comprehensive and dynamic defense against free radicals.

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